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Prius Helps Push Toyota to 10 Million Hybrids Sold

Twenty years ago, the first production hybrid was launched in the first generation of the Toyota Prius. Since then, the Japanese automaker has expanded not just their original hybrid model, but also the technology that powers it to create no less than eight available gas-electric vehicles. Now, they’re celebrating an impressive milestone. Since the Prius […]

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Toyota Reycles

We all know that saving the environment is important. That’s why Toyota has been initiating and keeping up with sustainability improvements since the 1970’s. Did you know that Toyota, as a whole, recycles over 90% of our materials? Toyota is doing what it can to keep our Earth clean by developing sustainable energy vehicles, reusing viable parts, […]

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Toyota is the New Scion

Some may view the death of the Scion brand as the end of an era, one that targeted young people and created affordable, attractive vehicles for the adventurous youth. However, Toyota doesn’t view it like that. Not only has Toyota absorbed 3 Scion models into its 2017 lineup, including the Toyota Corolla iM (previously the Scion iM) […]

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Toyota Donates $1M to Build Ulta-Green Youth Campus for Yellowstone National Park

Toyota truly supports Yellowstone National Park educating youth on nature and conservation of our national parks. That’s why Toyota has donated $1 million dollars to Yellowstone Park Foundation to build an eco-friendly building for rangers to teach adolescents and to support development of a new sustainable Yellowstone Youth Campus. The all-new Yellowstone Youth Campus will provide an excellent facility […]

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