Look at the New Toyota Prius Technology Features

If you are still in the market to buy a new compact hybrid, look at the new Toyota Prius.

Your Toyota Prius has the Lane-Keeping System working to ensure your safety on the roads. If you are distracted or getting sleepy and the vehicle rolls over the lane lines, the steering wheel begins to vibrate to get the driver to focus and take action to get the vehicle back safely in control.

The way the Adaptive Cruise Control system works in the all-new Toyota Prius is similar to a standard cruise feature, with one big difference. The system has a radar that scans the road for slow traffic, then brakes automatically to maintain a safer driving distance, resuming when the vehicle is no longer in the way.

The Toyota Prius is sitting on our lot and you have the chance to take it for a test drive at Cedar Rapids Toyota this week.

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