The New Toyota Prius v Performance Features

Check out the Toyota Prius v hybrid hatchback performance features.

The Blind Spot Information System in the Toyota Prius v is designed to identify and notify you of another vehicle in an adjacent lane behind your vehicle. First, your side mirror will light up to show a vehicle is present, second, you'll see a flash on that mirror if you use a turn signal to move into that lane if not clear.

When you are driving on the road and activate the Adaptive Cruise Control, forward mounted sensors scan ahead to a lead car and set a buffer, so you don't have a rear-end collision. If that lead car slows, the system powers down the Toyota Prius v to maintain the buffer and keep that safer driving distance.

The Toyota Prius v is here at the lot at Cedar Rapids Toyota and we will be glad to let you take it for a test drive, so you can see these features in action.

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