New Toyota Avalon Safety Features You'll Love

There is a buzz in the automotive industry these days concerning the safety features in the new Toyota Avalon full-size sedan. Here are a few of those safety features you'll want to consider.

Take the Avalon on the highway and open it up. Set your speed with the Dynamic Radar Cruise Control system and the vehicle will take care of the rest. Once a car moving slowly in front of you is detected, your speed is automatically decreased until the distance is clear again.

Driving the Toyota Avalon at night is a safer experience due in part to the Automatic High Beams system. Your car will switch to the high beams on the headlights when no other vehicles are within range. If another vehicle appears, the system switches to low beams and then back to high beams when warranted.

Take the new Avalon for a test drive at Cedar Rapids Toyota and see all the safety features in action.



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