It Is Important to Have a Full Tank of Gas in The Winter Time

We at Cedar Rapids Toyota have an important winter driving tip for you. It is a very simple tip, but one that is ignored by many drivers, unfortunately. The tip is to keep your gas tank full or as close to being full as possible while driving around in cold weather.

The reason for keeping a full tank of gas when it is cold is because condensation will build up in the tank when it is empty. That condensation or moisture can then freeze when temperatures are low enough. Water turns to ice in freezing temperatures, and you do not want ice inside of your gas tank.

The biggest hazard from ice in your gas tank comes from a frozen fuel line. Frozen fuel lines can reduce the amount of fuel sent to your engine or stop it entirely. You do not want this from happening to you as it may make you unable to move your vehicle.

So, the next time you are driving around with a tank that is almost empty, keep this tip in mind. The staff at our Cedar Rapids, IA showroom recommend you fill up more frequently and completely during the winter to prevent damage to your gas tank and fuel lines. Stop in for more seasonal maintenance tips with our mechanics today!

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