A Full Tank of Gas in Your Toyota is Very Beneficial During the Winter!

You very well may have been taught to keep your vehicle's gas tank relatively full during the cold winter months, and that is certainly good advice to follow for the health of your Toyota. And if you are wondering why this is the case, allow us at Cedar Rapids Toyota to shed some light on the situation for you.

The fluctuation in temperature that always occurs during the months that transition into the winter season will most likely cause moisture to condense inside your gas tank, and thus your fuel becomes tainted with water. What happens next is never good for you beloved Toyota model. This moisture caused by condensation in your gas tank can actually freeze and then result in frozen gas lines! And when you have a frozen gas line, you won't be able to get far, or even be able to start up your ignition for that matter. Keeping your gas tank more on the full side cuts down on this condensation, because there is simply less space for the air to take up inside the tank.

If you would like to hear more winter tips or have a quality inspection performed to ensure your ride is ready for winter, book your service appointment with Cedar Rapids Toyota today!


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