Move Over Laws Help First Responders Do Their Jobs Safely

We have all experienced something happening on the shoulder of the highway at one point or another. You hit a wall of traffic that slows to a crawl, and then you see the flashing lights up ahead. This is an unfortunate thing for all parties to have to go through, and the responders are included in that.

When you do see flashing lights up ahead, you should follow your state's "move over" laws and try to change lanes to give everyone up ahead room to work safely. These laws are not always talked about alot, and as a result are not as well known by drivers. But they do exist, and with good reason.

Following these laws should only be done if the conditions permit it, though. None of use here at Cedar Rapids Toyota in Hiawatha, IA want to see anyone getting in an accident of their own just by trying to follow the rules. If you can't safely get over then just slow down and be very careful when passing by the scene.

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